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Reasons Why this Leave is BAD

1. My and my child’s sleep schedule are WAY out of wack.

2. I forget what day it is.

3. It’s simultaneously dragged on and flown by.

4. Who is me?

5. I’ve done absolutely nothing (except TRY to teach my child. And play Sims).

6. I’ve gained weight. I WAS ALREADY MORBIDLY OBESE. (I actually miss the gym)

7. The people I thought were my friends haven’t tried to contact me. But then I’m not trying to contact them.

8. I haven’t left my house but twice in a week. Wait that’s a good thing haha.

8. I have to make sure to start my car up every few days or it’ll go into a coma.

9. I’m on Facebook and YouTube way more than before.

10. Haven’t even attempted to clean my kid’s room.

Thanks for reading.