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According to my very brief research (History.com (it’s not just aliens)) Memorial Day is said you have started in Waterloo, New York, because it hosted an annual event where citizens decorated graves.

Did you know that because of the Civil War—the greatest loss of human life in human history—is the reason for national cemeteries? They were created because of those lost in the civil war. Before the end of the same decade that the civil war ended (1865) people began holding springtime gatherings where they would go about decorating these graves and reciting prayers. And some records showed that one of the first memorial celebrations was initiated by a group of freed slaves less than a month after the confederacy surrendered (it honestly took me a second to remember how to spell surrendered).

Memorial Day was originally called decoration day and was first held on May 30th, 1868 in Waterloo, New York. it was devalued in order to commemorate the lives lost in the Civil War.

Eventually it became about memorializing all lives lost in war.

My point is, when people talk (mostly post on Facebook) that others think Memorial Day is all about drinking and grilling and partying but instead it’s about honoring the fallen. But those same people go buy flowers for their non-soldier family member who didn’t die in a war.

Just like Christmas, which was originally about the celebration of the birth of Christ, and had become (for my family for sure) a celebration of each other and giving gifts to those you love to show you care. We never stop and think, baby Jesus was born today so we’ll give each other gifts and gorge in turkey and taters.

And thanksgiving. Oh Thanksgiving. It was about celebrating how Native Americans helped new Americans establish themselves and eat together. But then they attacked them or something. Hold on. Cultural Appropriation. Football teams using images of Native Americans or “indians” as their mascot, “Braves” baseball team. People dressing like Native Americans and headdresses.

My family never celebrated Thanksgiving with thoughts of Pilgrims and Indians. As a kid: TURKEYYYYY As an adult: I get to see my family AND TURKEYYYYYYY.

So let everyone celebrate how they wanna celebrate. And don’t judge my ridiculous post. I woke up with the idea to write this.

Thanks for reading