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I know this is a strange topic for a blog post on a blog for a writer. But The Sims has been a big part of my life, for a long time. I started playing years ago when I was in college (maybe before?) when my roommate copied The Sims 1–without expansions (naughty I know). I spent most of my summer playing. I remember sitting in a chain in the living room while my mother slept (we didn’t have internet upstairs) downloading stuff for the game. There was a program where you could make your own clothes, make pictures for them to paint, etc.

I got a little girl I helped raise (she just recently got married, love you sera!) into it and it was a bonding/she stole my computer for hours experience I bought The Sims 2 for her for my house. There are still a few “Cullens” (yes of Twilight fans) families. My niece even played. I wanted to take them all out epically by drowning them all but 🤷‍♀️.

On The Sims 2, on my laptop, there’s a “town” I created and named after the town I grew up in. In that town I recreated my immediate family. Parents and siblings. I don’t know if I could log back in and play it, because I created my mom there, and she’s gone now. Although it might help that old sluggish laptop to get rid of the game. But that’s history.

Since becoming an adult, having a job and a kid, I lost touch with the game. That old laptop barely chugs along. I haven’t even booted it up in years. I bought a new computer a few years ago and when I bought it I purchased The Sims 4. I now have almost all expansion packs, many game packs and a few stuff packs. I’m obsessed. If only EA would give them too me, honestly.

On that game I had several heavily played families. The first, named after yours truly. Of course sim me didn’t marry my sim hubby. We’ll get into that another time. Sim me was basically living off her writing (now that’s #goals) had a teen daughter, a little girl, a toddler girl and a baby boy. I might have looked up some helpful hints in order to finally have a boy. 🤦‍♀️

There’s also a family I was trying to make a master gardener. She had crazy eyes, no family, and sold her fruits, veggies, and flowers in a retail store. She was so close to getting the cow plant (without cheating) when she aged up into elder. I didn’t want to lose the farm so-to-speak, so I adopted her a kid. Someone she could teach the art. But I was afraid she’d die and the kid would disappear (google what happens when the parents die and the kids aren’t teens in The Sims 4). So I created another sim to be her guardian. Idiot me made her a criminal. But I haven’t moved her in yet.

I had another family where the sister and brother (a teen) lived together. The sister was a veterinarian with a growing business and the bother was dating my legacy son’s daughter. These two also have blue hair.

I also had two sims in the science career. One was a pink haired lady—science ladies are cool—and the other a green haired dude. Of course I wanted them to get married and have little nerdy babies. But my MAIN goal? GET SIM DUDE ABDUCTED BY ALIENS AND IMPREGNATED. Which is a lot harder in The Sims 4. I managed to make it happen, after hours of gameplay, and he now has a blonde haired little girl who is really a bald headed blue alien kid.

The problem was, after an update (or cloud drive and it’s random deleting—I haven’t figured it out yet) I LOST ALL OF THESE AWESOME FAMILIES. All that hard work. Down the pooper.

Or so I thought.

It had been months since I played them. Since I lost them. I’d had a whole two other glitches. One had about six or seven families that I made with my 5 year old (she’s an interesting simmer). I cried this last time, deeply heartbroken and saddened.

It’s beside the point that I’d downloaded a mod to murder unwanted sims anyway—again plans (a graveyard/park). I planed on saving all those households to the gallery and making them and the families she made public. The world needs to see the chaos.

But tonight I not only discovered that I saved all those families… I SAVED MY ORIGINAL SAVE FILE.

Like, some of these save files were NOT showing up before!

My glee and excitement is only outweighed my by desire to stay up all night catching up with these families. But alas, I am in fact still an adult. And I have to be up at 6am.

But I get off work early… guess we all know what I’m doing tomorrow 👍🏻

Thanks for reading