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“GMO Mosquitos” Edition

“Scientists to Release Genetically Modified Mosquitos to in Florida to Combat Denge, Zika.”

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Reasons why you might be upset:

  • “Just what we need from 2020: MORE MOSQUITOES”
  • “GMO is bad enough for you, now we have mutated bugs?!”
  • Another reason to hibernate in a hole for the remainder of the year.
  • Mosquitos carry diseases! Why release them if they can spread the diseases?!

Reasons why it’s not that bad:

  • The “mutated” “GMO” bugs are male versions of the breed of skeeter that carry dangerous Zika and Dengue viruses (among other things).
  • Only the female of the species bite, (biting makes babies, gross) and the males are the ones being released.
  • these male “frakensquitos” have been engineered to produce only MALE offspring.
  • this is merely a small scale study. In Florida. So, don’t go to Florida?

Thanks for reading.