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I’ve posted about my love for the Sims 4 here before. So, since I don’t have a huge amount of people who are as interested in it as I am, I’m going to bombard you, my fine and lovely readers, with my new endeavor! The Legacy Challenge.

What is a Legacy Challenge?

In the Sims 4, the legacy challenge is simply, starting out with a sim, and a certain amount of money ($1600) I believe.

That’s the gist of it. Literally all I found. Unless you’re doing an extreme challenge, which is not me.

Who is Felicia Unicorn?

Felicia Unicorn is Uncomfortable

My child chose the name of my Legacy Sim. When your five year old scoots up and says, “Can we play Sims?” As you are creating a sim, you let her help. Not only did she name her, I asked her to pick numbers to choose her traits and aspirations.

This is going to be a wild one.

The Goal

I’m assuming the goal is to create a family with many generations, starting with very little. I’ve never done this before, but so far it’s been fairly easy. Unless I’m doing it wrong.

Felicia has a job (which she hates apparently), in engineering, a tiny house with one room and a bathroom. A garden, which most of her income comes from. My child chose “outdoor enthusiast” as the aspiration, so that helps her enjoy gardening. Sometimes

She’s also a squeamish, outgoing, self-assured collector?

Also every possible mate has been married. And I’m not about that home wrecker life. So I made her one.

He’s a lumberjack.

To be continued…