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I bought a truck. I’ve never purchased a vehicle before. My last vehicle, the ‘Balt whom I’ve mentioned numerous times, was a hand-me-down from my husband. He gave her to me when bought his car.

A week ago today, I saw a truck for sale at a local lot. It was nice, older but a decent price with good features. However, no one wanted to provide a loan for it because of the mileage.

So they “found” another truck for me.

You see, I’ve always wanted a truck. The Balt was nice but she was small and light and had an aversion to staying on the road and not on the surface of standing water when it had been raining. She also had a decent amount of miles.

I also grew up in pickups driven by my dad. It’s nostalgia for me. And the thought that I could haul literally anything I wanted when I wanted to.

So I bought a 2012 Dodge Ram Big Horn. I still have no idea the significance of the Big Horn part, and there’s still some features I haven’t figured out yet. But I love driving her (her name is Olive Oil) and her color is “sagebrush”. For once I’m driving a vehicle that if something happens I’m not the one who will get hurt it’ll be the other guy.

I would never cause an accident intentionally. I’m a cautious driver. Just thought that needed saying.

Anywho, the day after I bought her, the “check fuel cap” warning came on. So I checked it. Not loose. Still attached. Light still on.

Two days later the check engine light came on. The next day I took her to a local mechanic and he plugged her in. It said it was the fuel cap. He said more than likely it’s a fuel leak. If it’s a particular line, it would require dropping the tank. That alone is $100 labor.

I haven’t even made the first payment.

And I gave up the ‘Balt for $250. so if something bad happens to Olive, I’m in a pickle.

See what I did there. I have to joke it’s my coping mechanism.

I’m scared do death that I’ve made a horrible mistake, an impulse buy I will soon regret. She’s a big truck and she’s gonna be expensive to fix.

My husband had this fear, that it was going to be expensive. But shout out to him for letting me make my own decisions without influencing them.

I am willing to haul things for truck repair funds. And I know she has the power to, I dunno, pull a tree out with a chain?

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When I picked my kid up from school she told the teacher in the line “that’s my mommy’s née big beautiful truck!”