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I read so you don’t have too.

In a word: yes. A dermatologist said something along the lines of up until puberty bathing your kids once a week is perfect. Once puberty hits, you’re gonna smell them so once a day.

Kutcher says “if you see the dirt, bathe them, if not you’re wasting you’re time.” Basically.

He’s not the only one, as Dax Shepherd and spouse Kristen Bell do the same.

The simple fact is this article is pandering to normal peoples’ desires to either live vicariously through or judge celebrities. We want a reason to hate them or to love them.

Personally I think they sound like normal people. “Im super busy so I’ll wash my kid if they smell weird but I ain’t got time for nonsense.

It puts the lotion on its skin or else it…loses its protective capacity.

Moisturize the kids (and adults) after bathing because your skin doesn’t do the thing it’s meant to as well as it should.

Wash your pits and your “junk” more frequently. Because… well… duh.

(In case you don’t know those get the stinkiest).

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My kid hates a bath. Until she’s in it and then she doesn’t want out.