Sorry dude. These trying times no one trusts anybody so I’m not picking up a hitchhiker on the side of the road.

me this morning when i saw a dude thumbing for a ride.

Got up this morning feeling like garbage. Probably because I don’t sleep well, among other things.

I woke up thinking of the last thing I want to think about, and it’s making me feel worse.

Things that can't just resolve themselves tend to haunt me over and over again. There's not much more I can do about it that let it go.

It feels like a person shouldn’t wake up from what’s supposed to be 6-8 hours of sleep, feeling like garbage. But hey, that’s my life.

“Choo Choo I’m a train and I’ll run you over.” Anyone higher on the pay grade food chain.

Sometimes I feel appreciated and sometimes I feel absolutely used.