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Intro for “I’m crafty! And you can too!” Video series.

Beginning (hopefully) in the month of September I will be posting, via YouTube, videos about crafting.

I’ve had so many people tell me, “I wish I were crafty.” That I’ve been inspired. I’m going to rip myself violently out of my comfort zone and on video and share with the world my knowledge about various crafting/making skills.

The first series of videos will be about Jewelry Making, which I must say I’m getting rather okay at (ha). And will introduce viewers to the skill/craft of handmade jewelry making.

The goal is once monthly videos, as most of my filming will be during school hours on my two weekdays from Day Job. They’ll be no longer that 15-20 minutes, hopefully!

I’ll keep you all posted here and on Facebook for updates!

Thanks for reading!