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On today’s episode of “I read it so you don’t have too”

Austin Wallace an apparent “aspiring social-media star” , supposedly quit his $100,000 a year welding job in Ohio to travel to LA to ask Logan Paul for a job.

Right off the bat the article refers to him as “an aspiring social-media star”.

“When asked by Paul what he was “good at” Wallace said he could do TikTok dances.”

He also told him he didn’t have what it takes. Whatever that is.

Jake Paul basically told the dude nope, I got all I need on my team and told him to start making content on YouTube.

Long story short the dude knew he’d get rejected. He went for the Big Bang, knew he’d “fail”, but would reap the benefits of over 12.5 million views.

My guy already has a YouTube channel with blogs (did not verify). But he supposedly begged for his job back?

My guess is he never actually quit.

But I’m also writing this absolutely exhausted and ready for bed. Just thought this deserved a “stupid ‘news’” distinction!

Goodnight folks! Thanks for reading!