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My tube of toothpaste is almost empty.

Why am I repeating my title in the body in the body of my post? Because I’m still in shock. I use a different kind of toothpaste than my husband and child. I always have. I have sensitive teeth.

And over the years I’ve had to buy new toothpaste for various reasons. Needed a different kind, lost the tube while traveling, it got old.

It got old because I didn’t brush properly. Yes, I’m revealing something about myself that I’m embarrassed by. But there’s a reason.

Enough backstory. The point is I never finished a tube of toothpaste. Not even travel sizes.

Why is it almost empty now, when it’s never been before? Because since the post I linked above, and the chipped tooth, I’ve made a point to brush my teeth every night. Because of my bad teeth and because I didn’t want my child to have bad teeth.

You see, after the chipped tooth, I finally got in to see a dentist. they fixed that tooth and one beside it (he refused to pull it). I also went back for my first cleaning in decades, and then back again. TWICE. To fix bad teeth.

I still have a few that need some love but nothing is causing me pain. Well, that’s another post, but no pain pre-dental work. And I have an appointment for my next cleaning in January.

My teeth have also started, slowly, looking whiter. They’re not perfect, I could use some braces, but they aren’t quite as stained as they used to be. And my kiddo has even gotten to where she doesn’t want my help to brush.

I might have skipped one night in three or four months. I’m so proud of myself that I am sharing my history of poor dental hygiene with strangers. Besides. It’s the little things. And right now I need all the happiness little things can bring me.

Don’t we all?

Thanks for reading.