I don’t have pictures of all of them.

This cat was made for a coworker. She always gave me something every year. A little something. It was t much. I tried to paid this to look like one of her cats. I cannot remember if she loved it or not. she passed away this year.

But Timehop reminded me that three people who I made gifts for made me feel bad for it. One told me that she didn’t celebrate Christmas because of her religion. I told her then just think of it as a gift from one friend to another. But she also pointed out its flaws. It wasn’t even Christmas themed.

I also made a clever little sculpture with a spool of thread and a tape measure. It was for a lady who sewed. She made fun of it because it was lopsided.

There were three people who made me feel terrible because of the things I made. I can’t remembering the third was the cat lady or not. But I remember how it made me feel. And I stopped making things for people for a while afterward.