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See what I did there? Cause I know I can’t?

Part of my “resolutions” for 2022 is to take better care of myself. Had I resolved to and achieved this goal a decade ago I would be in a lot better place. Obviously.

But I didn’t and here we are, with blog content.

It’s always been important to me to live long enough to see my child into adult years. And the kid is still in the single digit age range, and I am nearing the 4th decade of my life, I’m due for a reboot.

Today I saw a doctor. I didn’t just see him from a distance or happen upon him in the wild. Nay Nay. I braved the public and met him intentionally at his place of business. To seek medical care.

Nay Nay

-Bailey Sarian

Well, in all honesty it was to ask for some anxiety medicine because, I’ll go into that someday.

I did come out of his office with a refill on my heart meds and the knowledge that it’s not just caffeine that can spike heart issues but SUGAR as well. All these years and I’ve only been told to avoid caffeine! No sugar?! Lort, I’m gonna need antidepressants too!

Anyway, I told him all the reasons why I love my child I mean why I am having anxiety issues. I should have said something along the lines of “this morning when my husband didn’t message me back for less that 2 hours I assumed automatically that he had died in a horrible accounting accident and not that, in reality, the five texts that I’d sent him had simply not come through.

Or that when my child sleeps soundly through the night and doesn’t not wake to come into my room that she has somehow died in her sleep and I fear even walking into her room to prove to myself that no, she can in fact sleep all night in her own bed, which she has done multiple times through the past month.

My dude didn’t want to prescribe anything yet, since I did say one of the main sources of my anxiety has improved (currently, don’t jinx it). He said if I still think I need it to come back.

Of course I’ll have to fed the vampire and apparently there’s a pee monster somewhere (bloodwork and urinalysis for those that truly believe I’m nuts)(I am actually but not that bad).

I was afraid this one was gonna be one of those doctors that’d give you whatever you wanted and that’s not good. But he seems like a good one so far. He’s very chatty. I know his wife likes LaCroix and he has two kids, one is a 9 week old boy. He also knows one of my kid’s principals.

But the last doctor I liked and trusted up and left without saying anything and I grew up with that guy!

Oh well. We’ll see how this goes. I’m gonna drink a lot of water tomorrow. Goodnight!

Thanks for reading!


Not European. But I’m a peein’. Get it? Cause all the water?

My husband laughed.