I woke up last Wednesday with a head cold or what felt like multiple gremlins squished between my brain and my eyeballs. Every night they roll to whatever side I choose to sleep on and plug up that nostril until I cannot fathom smothering or mouth breathing any longer. That’s when I roll over, and then they too roll over and slowly plug that side up

I can walk around all day at work with my feet, knees, hips, and back hurting. I can climb up and down a ladder all day. I can run circles around my workplace all the while wanting to chop my feet off.

But whatever is happening in my sinuses right now is a fresh hell I cannot take. I LOATHE having a head cold.

And then yesterday I woke up with a migraine. The pressure from the chaos in my sinus had gotten to me and my entire head ached. If I moved too fast, bent down for too long or leaned my head forward it worsened. I had two different kinds of meds and they made no dent. I left work two hours early, came home, took more different meds (including a pill for dizziness) and slept. Like, two hours.

I woke with some residual pain. But today I haven’t needed anything for pain. Of course I should have slept some more today, but I had to go early for some blood work and urinalysis. So hopefully that’ll come back fine.

Anywho, my sleepy time medicine is kicking in (yay melatonin) and I’m typing with one eye open. Goodnight!

Thanks for Reading