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You Don’t Need… Money to be happy

That trusty old saying, we’ve heard all our lives. “Money cannot buy happiness.” According to an article I found by googling “Money can’t buy happiness”, the saying itself means that true happiness comes from within.

Happiness itself is an intangible thing. Its not something that you can call 1-800-Happiness and, after 30 easy payments of $49.95 own it, placing it on your mantel in a place of great honor, right next to your kid’s plastic trophy they received for passing kindergarten.

Honestly it was a plastic medal on a red, white and blue string that said, “WINNER” but The Kid was super proud of it for like two whole weeks.

Until it disappeared. Its here somewhere. I think. But it was more or less CoviGarten so they all deserved it.

Yes, Happiness is not something you can purchase for any amount of money, and finding it within yourself, or even outside yourself is important. Especially in the times we are living in right now, we need to find ways to be happy, and it can be difficult.

But… having money can sure help.

Not where you thought I was going with this, huh? I do indeed like to surprise people. The article I mentioned above, while having several valid points, also mentions so many things THAT REQUIRE MONEY.

For example, the author says that, “On the other hand, when you look at photos of trips you have taken, nature that inspired you, family and friends, and people who captured your heart in different ways, it probably fills you with a sense of joy.” Almost every single thing in that sentence has required money. Right down to the photos you look at. Yes, FreePrints.com exists (Not sponsored but I’m open lol) but you still gotta pay shipping bro.

Another point the author makes is that, yes, things cost money, but if you budget right then you can afford it.


Seriously dude. I can remember multiple times in my adult life where after I paid my bills I had less that $5 in my bank account. And this was pre-automatic savings deposit. This was also pre-student loan pay off. But also pre-multiple credit card payments (credit cards are bad, umkay).

I know people personally who are barely making ends meet. They worry on a daily basis about money. And having just a little bit more would make everything about their lives so much easier.

Doing What You Love

CAN make you happy. But even THAT can cost money.

For example: My current pipe dream is to have my own creator space. Not just any creator space. I want a large building where I can have all my crafting, creating, and making supplies. Also, a storefront where I can sell my creations. But I want to have space so other likeminded people can have their own creator space. I even know what kind of building would be perfect.

But every ounce of that dream would cost money. And I don’t make enough at my current place of employment to even consider the idea.

We won’t even talk about the movie theater (blog post coming soon: That Time I Wanted to Buy a Movie Theater).

There are valid free roads to happiness.

Things that make me happy that cost absolutely nothing are:

  • My Kid saying “I Love You”
  • My Kid having a great day
  • Making people laugh
  • This blog, for some reason.
  • Mandatory Family Time.

Valid reasons why having money can make someone happy

  • Bills would be paid (especially those credit cards)
  • House would be fixed (have a mentioned my leaky roof?)
  • The check engine light on my truck could be addressed (still tempted to shove it off a cliff)
  • That vacation we planned could still be taken AND new beds and mattresses.

The Polls

Over on the group I created, dedicated to CrashLanding related non-sense, and on twitter I post polls. I love polls. I asked, simply, “Can money buy happiness.” The response was overwhelming that the public believes that yes, money can buy happiness.

Yes, it was only four people, and twitter generally ignores me, BUT STILL. VALID.

In conclusion

The truth is everyone is different. Different things make us happy. One person might be perfectly content in sharing in quiet family time. Someone else might be happy to take a long solitary walk. I would be thrilled with a good night’s sleep. It might change someone else’s entire outlook on life if they got enough money to pay off all their debt so they didn’t have to worry.

Find whatever makes you happy and do it.

Except murder. Don’t do that.

Thanks for Reading.


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