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The Story So Far

I have a number of social media outlets which I attempt to use for shameless self-promotion and amusement.

(Facebook Group, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr)

On my Facebook Group, I’ve begun an adventure I may never return from.

A #pretentfantasynovel was started when I decided that I needed to do something to keep my brain from going all mushy.

The first poll.

I rather enjoy polls. They’re only available as a post option in groups, on Facebook. At least on mobile. That’s the number one reason why I’ve kept the group. I get more interaction with people there than I do on my main page, which I’ve had for YEARS.

On my group I irregularly (if you know me then you know) post polls under #pretendfatasynovel topic. Each poll asks you to choose different elements of the story.

The Story So Far

Our main character is a woman who is reluctantly thrown into an adventure she regrets.

Our heroine has a talking animal or animal like sidekick.

This talking sidekick is animal that we’d see in real life. The talking bit is, so far, the only magic part about it!

TBH, those two polls about the animal sidekick are mildly confusing. So we’re going with a non-mythical creature who can talk.

Our main villain is in fact the last person you’d expect. This particular villain is going to be the worst one, but perhaps not the only one? It is a fantasy after all!

Our female hero, with a talking animal companion, who is a normal talking animal, carries a great sword as her weapon of choice! There’s a backstory to this, I just know it!

In every fantasy there’s always a constant background battle shadowing the active plot. Yes, we have a villain, but what’s the motivation? What’s the thing that’s threatening everyone, including the baddie? It’s some task that must be completed to prevent the end of times! We’ll have to find some sort of artifacts and gather them!

But this, the best part of it all. The fact that I got to use the names of all (twelve) of the people who have participated in the polls, with absolutely no promise of an actual story.

At the time of this post, the poll is still open. But I can see, unless a lot of people decide that they need to vote, there’s a clear winner.

Welcome to Arynthel

There will be more polls coming (now on Monday’s and Wednesday’s), including polls to help choose things about characters and other aspects of the story!

I’ll probably continue using the polls throughout the writing of the story.

But the people who have participated regularly in the polls up until this point(I know who they are) will be rewarded for their help. I don’t know if it will be the kind of reward they’d prefer but it’s what I have right now.

I’ll also post updates here on my site for anyone interested who doesn’t follow the polls, or my page. So stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!