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Women wear making because it makes them feel beautiful.

But why does make up make us feel beautiful?

It’s because we were told our whole likes by society that make up makes you beautiful.

And why do we want to look beautiful?

Because it helps our confidence. But why is our confidence linked to beauty?

Because beauty is pleasing to someone else’s eye.

We feel good about looking beautiful because other people have always told us that looking beautiful is good because it is pleasing to look at.

We cannot see ourselves all the time, only when looking in a mirror.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Beholder means a person who sees or observes someone or some thing.

So the person who sees the the beauty defines it. What one person sees as beautiful another may not.

But collectively and over the span of years and years society has taught us that beauty is attractive or pleasing to the eye

And makeup can make you beautiful.

So whether we say we wear makeup to make ourselves feel better or not, we’re doing it because of someone else.

Because someone else’s opinion of beauty.

Thank you for experiencing my chaos with me.