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The shorter the days seem.

There’s not enough time in the day anymore. There’s not enough energy left in me.

This week is already half over and I’ve nothing to show for it.

I wake up exhausted. I get ready for work, exhausted. I get to work, exhausted. Work my shift, get more exhausted. Go home. Exhausted. Go to bed. Exhausted. Wake up slightly less exhausted than I was eight-ish hours before.

I have a day off and I sleep in but feel bad because I could have been doing so much but I’m still exhausted after sleeping in and/or napping (sometimes I do both).

Just gonna get progressively worse at a steady pace for the rest of my life.

No time to write blog posts. No time to promote on Facebook. No time to write or craft or read. Well, I read in parent pickup.

Big ideas. No energy.