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I forgot to cancel my 1 year subscription to LoseIt Premium.

Lose It is an app (I use Apple) you can download to track your weight loss and all that nonsense.

For example. I know that my favorite at home breakfast to make for myself is a whopping 943 calories. I’m ashamed, don’t worry.

But you can also track your daily water intake, but only if you use premium.

When you set up your plan you tell it what you want to do and why.

It’ll also link to your Apple Watch or other fitness device. Today was my day off and I don’t wear my watch if I don’t plan on leaving the house much. So I didn’t have tracking. But my phone still tracks my steps.

I’m pretty sure I’ve walked more than 808 today but that’s besides the point.

I have tried Noom, a more expensive option that also has more features including lessons to help you learn about the psychology of the eating and such.

My problem is I struggle with taking the time to track my meals. I eat a lot of meals that would be difficult to guesstimate.

But I have a theory. I could lose weight if I (a) quit drinking so many sugary drinks and (b) portion control.

We’ve also already discussed the OatsOvernight situation. It’s healthier than McDonalds every day. But I’ve also got a month and a half stockpiled, so I’ve had to delay my next shipment three or four times.

My whole point is, I’m going to see if I can consistently use the LoseIt App and make it worth my $30.

Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading