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I dreamed that my truck had a message pop up saying my breaks had reached max temperature and needed repairs because they got too hot.

I know why I dreamed that: practically since the day I got my used Dodge Ram, there’s been things wrong with it. First the washer fluid motor didn’t work. Then the second day (I think) the check engine light came on. I bough a reader do dad and it said there was a vapor emissions leak (or something).

In October it had a spell where it didn’t want to start. That ended up beating a battery connector. that’s a whole other blog post which I thought I wrote but cannot find now.

Now there’s a bad fuel injector (thanks always on check engine light). I’m pretty sure it’s been in an accident before. The hood isn’t mounted right, as it rubs the fender when you open it.

I fixed the washer fluid issue myself, it was a bad fuse. The batter connector was replaced the night it messed up. I’m about to order (literally in a few hours) the parts to fix the other two.

So I dreamed about SOMETHING ELSE going wrong, something nonexistent, because there’s already other things wrong that I need to fix.


I dreamed (after I was woken up at 4am by a devil cramp in my foot & calf muscle) that I was in my dad’s living room but in my house, and my electric heated throw started to spark where the cord plugs into the throw. One of my direct supervisors was there telling me I didn’t plug it in right. All while the throw caught on fire. While it was on me.

I managed to get it unplugged and yeeted it out my front door.

I think I dreamed it because: one, I constantly feel like, at work I’m not doing anything right or fast enough. I was just told yesterday by both direct supervisors that I was doing a thing completely wrong for over a year.

The throw catching on fire? Probably because I go to sleep cold so I have my throw on. But then I wake up an hour later roasting. As if not only did my throw warm me up but the whole room decided that it wanted to be warmer.

Melatonin has always contributed to my wild dreams, luckily there rarely bad, upsetting, or difficult.

Thanks for reading