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I’m your host, “She who has a little extra cash”. On today’s episode: I bought an ice maker.

Specifically this one.

Growing up we can buy has what we could afford. Our refrigerator was no exception. And having a mom who likes cold Pepsi, we had ice cube trays. Ice cube trays that had to be filled up.

I remember being on a kick where I wanted to make sure we kept ice in the fridge. I would fill up the trays, wait for them to freeze and dump the ice into the tub we had in the freezer for that purpose.

We’re not buying ice, we have water and a freezer at home!

My mom, if she was around for the meme

But eventually I’d give up and then no one remembered to fill up the trays when they emptied it. and we weren’t about to get a new fridge with an ice maker. Things cost money.

When I got married, the fridge in our apartment was your typical non-ice maker. But when we bought our house, lo and behold. The glory of ready made ice!

But, when you can just put your drinks in the fridge to get cold why use ice? So the ice maker, and the little used dispenser rarely got used. Now that refrigerator is over 13 years old (wasn’t new when we bought the house it came with) and the water and ice it dispenses has an odd smell and taste, despite the filter being changed.

A year or so ago, I made another purchase. I got tired of having to throw away so many plastic bottles and wanted myself and the rest of my little family to drink more water.

So I bought a Primo water dispenser. This bad boy has hot and cold water. And we’ve used it like crazy and practically eliminated our plastic bottle use. I love reusable cups and The Hubs has a reusable bottle he fills up every night.

But while I love water, I much prefer ice water. I can practically guzzle ice water. And we’d been buying bagged ice from grocery stores and gas stations for a while. But every time I needed ice I’d have to beat the ever loving tar out of the ice. I may have cracked a plastic measuring cup and a plastic spoon is somewhere in the depths of my chest freezer.

So, like a lot of Americans I’ve come into a small amount of money distributed by the government. I ordered the parts my truck needed, paid a bill or two, and bought materials for a project (doggie door here I come). So, with a little left over, I decided I needed an ice maker.

Granted I told The Hubs a few weeks prior I wanted one, so when I brought it home he said, “luckily I hadn’t ordered you one yet!”

Yes, because I’m so glad I didn’t wait. I’ve drank a lot more water. Also, if I don’t used all of the batch of ice it makes in a day (or less ten cubes at a time but I like to let it build up so I get a lot) it melts right back down into the reservoir. I haven’t had to fill it back up in the three days I’ve had it.

The Kid, who 1000% needs to drink more water LOVES ice water (and eating ice). And the fact I bought some color changing cups with straws and lids makes it even more fun for her.

It takes about ten minutes to make one batch of ice but it will keep cooking it up as long as it’s not full and left on. Eventually I’ll get a tub to put the ice in, so I don’t have to keep it on for long periods.

But one day when people actually come to my house, I’ll be able to share fresh ice with them. Until I decide I need to see what other nonsense I can make with it.

Literal ICE coffee anyone?

Thanks for reading