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If you do not know, I work retail and have for quite some time. And I tend to spend money at said place of employment. I buy my lunch there.

So when my paycheck hit my bank account. Well…

So I told myself I would only spend money on water or Gatorade. So the first thing I did when I walked in, before I clocked in, was buy a bottle of water. I’d meal prepped for the next three days the night before, so I was ready for the challenge.

But as I was waiting on my equipment for the day, I get a FaceTime call from The Hubs. The Kid was not acting herself and just wanted to sleep.

I informed my boss that I was leaving to be home with her.

The good news? I successfully spent very little money today.

Some background before the bad news.

Two days ago (Tuesday night) The Kid was complaining about her tooth hurting. I thought maybe she’d gotten something stuck in it, so I tried to look and didn’t see anything. She’s also quite squirmy. The more the evening went on the more it bothered her. I was off the next day (Wednesday) so we took her, as a team, to the dentist.

We thought she maybe had a back tooth coming in (it’s a top molar that’s bothering her) turns out, she has a chipped or cracked tooth (she’s a grinder) and she has a canker sore.

The dentist, who we are fans of, he’s great, sent us home with some medicine for the sore, and called in some antibiotics. He said she had some inflammation so it was to be safe.

We sent her to her grandmothers instead of daycare Thursday, and that evening we noticed she had some facial swelling. This morning (Friday) as he was getting her ready, The Hubs noticed her lethargy, and so I came home.

The bad news is that we took her to her regular doc (the dentist wasn’t in today) and she has some drainage, white spots all over her gums. They wrote her a stringer antibiotic, and were hoping to kick it soon.

She seems to be doing ok, and is playing now. And I’m sure she’s happy that she’s gotten to sleep in mom’s bed for two nights. Mom’s not thrilled, to be honest, but the snuggles are nice.

Almost falling out of bed… not so much.

But I do plan on sharing my recipe for my meal prep. It’s the best tasking thrown together just came up with thing I’ve ever made. The Kid even liked it.

Anyway, that’s all I got for now.

Thanks for Reading!