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Well, the background wasn’t supposed to be mint green but I’m tired now.

I swear I was going to think of a better name for it.

“Birthday Month of Blogs” (ok BMB for short) is going to be my attempt at blogging every day for a month. This is going to be difficult.

So why am I doing it?

I’m doing it because I paid… hold on… $186 for this website. That’s a Premium account, plus a domain (it has it listed separate) and G Suite. I paid the money, and I darn well better use it.

And this is the second year in a row! I think I’ve already blogged more this year, but still. The fact of the matter is that at the end of this year (all of these expire in March 2023) I will likely not renew. Despite the fact that I LOVE having a blog and my website, despite the fact that I would love to make a career of it, it’s just not sustainable.

I’ve attempted to turn this website into a blog and a storefront. I’ve also tried to set up a YEARLY subscription for $5. Oh, and it turns out you cannot monetize unless you pay… hold on…

Wait what

Ok. So, in doing some research for this post… tbh I was winging it this whole time… I have discovered some changes to my website host, WordPress. I need to look into these.

Anyway here’s the BMB Plan:

Expect to see the following posts and series’:

  • “YouTubers My Kid Watches: An Investigation” (series)
  • “Holiday History: Independence Day” (series)
  • “Randomized Fiction” (Fridays)
  • “Draft Day”
  • “‘The Wiser Moon – AP Harbor’ Album Review”
  • “Education Adjacent” (series)
  • And I can’t forget to include posts like this one that are absolutely bonkers and truly chaotic. I’m really at my best when chaos ensues.
I feel ya, Jean Luc, I feel ya.

I honestly love to entertain, whether you’re laughing with me, laughing at me, or just enjoying the emotional journey that I go on (my most popular post is about me accidentally forgetting to not renew a fitness app subscription). If I’ve made you laugh or even confused you, leave a comment. I could really use the dopamine.

Thanks for Reading!