I technically didn’t miss a day. My device glitched when I tried to post this. It showed it posted three times and I deleted two. Apparently I deleted all instances. Lol

At this blog-a-day thing.

Day 5

As someone who would love for this to make them enough money to turn this into a full time job, literally anything I love to do that is, blogging every day is HARD.

Especially considering I have a full time job and a kid.

As well as undiagnosed depression and anger issues likely caused my depression and anxiety.

Now a smarter person would have prepared posts more than just a day in advance. Or in this case literal minutes before midnight. And I plan on getting this post out before midnight. So, forgive me if it’s nothing special.

You see, I got behind because we decided to take The Kid to see fireworks. Most neighboring towns had cancelled theirs due to a shooting in the area where three police officers and a K-9 officer lost their lives. But when The Kid wants to see them, and the neighboring county doesn’t cancel—because apparently they paid someone to put them on and there was no refund—you do it.

Even more so because you might get to see your sister and her crew.

Turns out I got to see my brother and his new wife (who I don’t think likes me but that’s beside the point).

Despite the excursion, I had mentally prepared to go home and stay up late to get the post for the next day ready and scheduled. But then the Kid started feeling bad. First it was a headache, then she threw up. Three times.

So we abandoned ship and left early. We got home with no issues on the way, but she ended up throwing up a significant amount just half an hour into being home. Luckily after that, we got her in bed and she passed out quickly, and woke up the next morning feeling like her normal self.

But then I had a migraine. So I spent most of the day doing absolutely nothing. I even forgot to call my dad back. I feel terrible about that part.

But I told myself I was going to call him today, and then I had a terrible day today. And despite the advice that every tells you, I brought my bad day home.

I need to get better about checking my self before I wreck myself.

Anyway, I’m gonna end this boring post here. Despite the ridiculous and boring content, it still qualifies as five days in a row. Goodnight folks and I hope to have something better for you tomorrow!

Thanks for reading.