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Day 10

I just spend half an hour watching my nephew’s tick tack Live

He was playing guitar. I didn’t realize how good he’d gotten. He now says he will learn “The Boxer” by Simon and Garfunkel. It was one of my Mom’s favorites. I’m sure he could learn it quite quickly.

Watching him makes me want to bring out the ukulele I bought like four years ago and try to learn something on it. But I’m old and my hands hurt. And where even is the thing?

Today we celebrated my birthday

The Hubs had been asking me all week where I wanted to eat for my birthday and I could never think of anything. He said if I didn’t come up with something he’d surprise me.

We ended up at a local restaurant called Cloud 9. It was delicious, and I even got desert.

Honestly be best part was spending time with him and The Kid. They are the best part of my life.

Also I didn’t have to work.

Hey did you know that it would take $25,000 to pay off my debt? Yeah, I can thank that free credit monitoring from Capital One for keeping me posted on that.

Tomorrow is my actual birthday

I have had a few very tiny moments where I kinda felt guilty for not being on Facebook. My personal account is still active and several people (who hadn’t communicated with me but once a year anyway) will wish me happy birthday there. Even though I’ve been off Facebook for, like, 210 days. But most of them pay zero attention to me anyway, so it’s their bad if I do not respond to their birthday wishes.

Current working theory is I have a spider bite.

Exhibit A: “Stanky Leg”

The black dots/dashes are me tracking the redness size. It is warm to the touch—noticeably different from the rest of my leg. It’s tender and sensitive. And it itches like HELL.

Like, go insane from the itching, filet-o-flesh to stop it, bonkers itchy. And this happened A WEEK AGO. I’m pretty sure it got bigger overnight, although I didn’t notice it this big this morning.

I did peroxide the open wounds hoping to perhaps eat away the flesh so I could either not itch anymore or lose the leg. I will neither confirm nor deny whether I hoped my leg would rot away so I’d never have to work again.

Anyway, I applied some antibiotic ointment to the holes—they’re not really open but they’re not actively bleeding either—and a bandage. But that was driving me crazy too. I take Benadryl every 8 or so hours and try to keep it propped up.

My big old fat legs tend to swell and my running theory is any type of trauma or injury to them heals slower because of that poor circulation.

Perhaps I’ll wake in the morning and my leg will have rotted off. At least it won’t itch anymore!

Tomorrow I’ll post (hopefully before noon), a video explaining how my next bit of fiction is happening.

Thanks for reading!