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Day 12

Just cause its cheaper doesn’t make it better!

Many moons ago, I decided I would “shop around” for new music. I had heard this lovely song, and as I am wont to do, I became OBSESSED. I googled the artists, and found The Civil Wars. The song was “Barton Hollow”.

I recently mentioned them in a blog post about “Sharpe” an unfinished story that still haunts me to this day. I had listened to The Civil Wars first album, along with Adele’s 21, on repeat during much of the writing process. Upon mentioning them, I realized that I hadn’t heard “Barton Hollow” in a while. So I opened the music app on my phone to find IT WASN’T THERE. All I had of The Civil Wars was their final self-titled album. BUT I WANTED TO HEAR BARTON HOLLOW.

Turns out I purchased it on amazon, along with another smaller album (told you i was obsessed).

After multiple searches of the website, and the iOS Amazon Music App, i found that I could not download the album “Poison and Wine” onto my computer without downloading the Amazon Music App for Windows. And then, I couldn’t get it on my phone, unless i PAID FOR iTunes Match.

Which I regret to inform you i did buy. I have a LOT of music not purchased on iTunes.

And to be frank, there are several songs I have purchased through iTunes that don’t appear on my phone, but I’ve learned a few tricks to get them to pop up.

Right now, its 5 til 12, i have almost forgotten about the ugly spider i saw (he was HUGE). and I need to get this posted before midnight to count as the same day lol. Goodnight!

Thanks for reading!