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Day 13? Yes. 13.

What is Randomized Fiction?

Made with Canva Video leap and the tick tacks

Randomized fiction is me wanting to write something fictional but being too lazy to do the work myself.

As explained in the very poorly done video (I hate the sound of my own voice), I used a random word generator to choose six nouns to pair with the six words chosen by members of the CrashdLanding Site group on Facebook, and added them to a wheel app that I downloaded to my phone. I spun the wheel to choose the words.

If we’re being technical the “siblings” one was a bit more specific at first. Also I edited out the names of the people who added them for privacy reasons.

Expect it for Fiction Friday. If it’s not posted before midnight Friday call me on it.

Seriously, I put things off for multiple reasons but mostly cause of exhaustion and fear I’d not good enough. I really see some potential in this.

If I continue with the wheels I have, I’ll remove already used options, maybe. Probably. I don’t know. The melatonin is hitting.

Thanks for Reading!