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Day 20: in which there really aren’t many updates

As I’ve said, I think about it on the daily.

Oh a daily basis, I am thinking about the story. And many different aspects related to the story. But between my many obligations, real and manifested, I don’t have a lot of opportunities to work on it.

After BMB is over I plan on attempting to work on it more. I need to come up with a title, and well, I need to write the stupid thing.

Now, many moons ago, I could write on something without having all the details at once. I could just put pen to paper or finger to keys and go at it. But now, with the invention of sharing it with others I think I have created for myself accountability that leads to failure.

Before, I could write and not expect anyone to read it. Before, I could shove it into a corner for a few months and return to it when I wanted to. Now, however, I struggle with giving myself deadlines. I think that people expect me to get it done and do an amazing job.

When this month is over

And I don’t have this whole month of blogs to worry myself over, I am taking a sabbatical of all social media, including tick tacks, and I am just going to write. I have 9,000 ideas in my head and they need to be put down somewhere.

But, I mean, don’t, like, get your hopes up. We all know how I am!