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In honor of the back to school bash we attended tonight

And because the county is, once again, providing school supplies for students this year, I’m going to list the things I would buy for myself, if I were doing so.

1. Trapper Keeper!

Trapper Keeper on Walmart.com

Did you know that Walmart is apparently selling throwback Trapper Keepers?!

Honestly, I wouldn’t even know if my Sister-in-Law hadn’t mentioned it. So I looked them up and they’re only about $11 on the Walmart App. They’re available at some stores and online. I would 100% throw this in the cart. They come with two folders and they are this 80s born 90s raised kids nostalgic dream come true.

Loose Leaf College Ruled Paper

Loose Leaf on Walmart.com

I personally prefer college ruled because you can get more on a sheet. And if you need to skip a line you’re not wasting so much prime real estate. and, I don’t know, graduating from wide ruled to college made me feel important and grown up 😂.

Ticonderoga No. 2 Pencils

Pencils on Walmart.com

The best of the best baby. Most teachers usually request these or USA gold. The lead is good, they erase clearly. Is it good writing, man.

3-hole 2 Pocket Paper Folders

Folders on Walmart.com

Listen, you can spend the extra dolla hills y’all on the expensive folders, but these here, if taken care of properly, will do just fine. Sure, your Trapper Keeper comes with folders but you will need more than two!

Mead Five Star Five Subject Notebook

Notebook on Walmart.com

Growing up we couldn’t afford to get all four kids one of these puppies, but weren’t you always jealous of the “rich” kids who got the nice Jansport back packs and Five Star Notebooks. Also, remember when they didn’t have holes?

Mechanical Pencils

Pencils on Walmart.com

These have been a personal favorite since college. Well, technically, there was another I preferred but, first it was stolen, then returned and then I lost it, and now they don’t make those. But these Paper Mate are my current mechanical pencil of choice. It’s the twist up eraser for me. I also personally prefer the 0.5 lead. Finer lines, though I’m not sure it’s necessary.

Pilot Precise V5 Pens.

You can now get these bad boys in multiple colors. But I couldn’t choose between click or cap. I love both equally. But honestly it’s the needle point that really tickles my fancy. I’ve yet to find a comparable needlepoint pen.

Pen+Gear Gel Highlighters

Highlighters on Walmart.com

I know it sounds weird but hear me out. They are fun to use, they glide easily, and they don’t bleed through. Now, sometimes a little extra clumps up, but that’s easily removed. There’s no transfer of wet ink either. A close runner up and honorable mention: Sharpie Brand liquid chisel tip highlighters.

Other Items Of Note

  • Block Erasers: for big jobs.
  • Index Cards: brand is unimportant, as is size. It’s all what you’re doing with it. Uh…
  • Sharpies. If you need an explanation you’re too young.
  • Crayons, coloring pencils, markers: always go with crayons unless you expect to use them. Most teachers though, usually prefer Crayola.
  • Dry erase Markers: Expo is the best and they’ve been in the biz for years. But honestly it’s about preference.

That’s gonna do it for me tonight, I’m craving school supplies now. Seriously, I have a problem!