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Day 24: In which I grasp at straws for what to post today.

The Plan for the rest of BMB

  • Day 25: Pretend Fantasy Novel: The Prophecy (I will be sharing the prophecy that will be part of the Pretend Fantasy Novel. If you want to know more about that, check out this old not-to-date-post).
  • Day 26: Education Adjacent: Jean Piaget
  • Day 27: “The Wiser Moon” – AP Harbor Album Review.
  • Day 28: “YouTuber’s My Kid Watches: LogDotZip
  • Day 29: “Randomized Fiction” Gonna spin some wheels again, baby! (Last Randomized Fiction)
  • Day 30: (open)
  • Day 31: (open but might throw a party lol)

Things I’m thinking I’ll Make permanent features

Randomized Fiction: I’ll keep this one around, maybe. I think it’s fun and interesting. I might, like do it more than a day or two in advance. But we all know how I roll.

Youtubers My Kid Watches“: Mostly because The Kid watches A LOT of YouTube. And because I already have the next one in mind.

Education Adjacent: Just because I have been thinking about doing a similar concept for a while now, and think it’ll be interesting to revisit my college days. Don’t go that far, I was a boring college kid.

Possible Other Ideas

  • Crystal’s Dumb Ideas: I have at least one draft post on this topic, and I have had a LOT of dumb ideas. Of course, my financial advisor and business partner, as well as my general council (by this I mean my husband, he is all those things) has on every occasion advised me NOT to do these things.
  • Fiction Friday: By no means a new concept, but one I’d like to implement. Since I am trying my best to get as much use out of this website as possible until I have to decide whether or not to renew. Financially it’s not looking good. FF will include Randomized Fiction posts, among others. Some audience participation might be involved. That would happen with the help of my facebook group, CrashdLanding Site.
  • Crystal Tries: Okay technically this will fall under the “dumb ideas” heading but its something I’ve thought about for a while and has great potential. But doesn’t everything?

In Conclusion

I’m sure anyone who has been consistently reading this blog has noticed that most of the time I am LITERALLY WINGING IT with all these posts. That is the only thing that is consistent about me is the fact that I’m winging it. Like with life. I’m not sure what the goal has been with this whole thing, but maybe I’ll figure it out in a week.

PS Do y’all like this image better or, like, me just typing out my closing? I know you won’t let me know but I wanted to ask.