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Day 25: In Which I Prophesize

How’s that now?

In case you didn’t know, over on my Facebook Group, I’ve been brewing something called “Pretend Fantasy Novel”. It is a novel that started as a just for fun poll, that turned into many polls filling in some details of an actual novel. It’s not even got an actual title yet (that’s all on me though).

But that’s not important. The people need some love, and they’ve been without for many moons. That’s, the group members, by the way. I thought I would satiate their thirst for fantasy fiction by providing a very important detail. The basis for the whole plot–sorta–of the PFN. The Prophecy.

Libram Provindetia

Of course, they’d pick the hardest one to spell. The Libram Provindetia is an important (if not forgotten) book of prophecy and prediction found deep in a sanctuary of scholars (I am literally making this up as I go). A man named Arles, whom you shall meet, rediscovers the book. Hopefully it isn’t too late.

The Prophecy, 1 says, not precisely, that

The Prophecy says: The end of times shall be nigh with the dying of the lambs, the rotting of fruit upon the vine, and the spoiling of water in pots.

Unless the Shards of Isadora are collected, and returned to the Tomb of the Lost, before the final day of harvest, the wind shall begin to burn, the earth shall begin to quake, until mountains fall.

I’m gonna be honest

I legit fell asleep it’s my computer in my lap, iPad next to me no phone laying on my chest.

There’s going to be more to The Prophecy. I’ll also soon have a page where you’ll be able to find all things “Pretend Fantasy Novel!”

Stays tuned.

Also I have a podcast now?