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Day: 30 In Which I Run the Numbers

This Exhausting but I Still Enjoy it

This is the next to last day of Birthday Month Blogs, and you all will be glad to see less of me, I’m sure. Tomorrow is going to be a rundown of the month, including “was it worth it”.

But today is going to be “How can I Afford keep doing this?”

How can I afford to keep doing this?

By “this” I don’t mean posting every day. Nooooo. By “this” I mean keeping the site/blog/etc. Like, financially. In a previous post I mentioned how in February 2023, my 1-year subscription with the site will be up. And how, at the time, I didn’t spend much time here, despite the fact that I enjoy being here. It just wasn’t a cost-effective option for me.

However, one of the things I’ve learned is that I would really and truly miss it if I let it go. So, there’s a plan. Sort of.

The Plan

I have about five months until I have to pay the bill. The bill totals $186.

Here’s what that covers:

  • Domain Name: $18
  • Premium $96
  • G Suite $72

Now, $186 is a lot of money for someone who is perpetually broke. Like, bills paid but still a little bit of struggle broke. But if you divide that up by five months that’s 37.42. Round that up as I’m wont to do, that’s $40 a month. That would be about $20 a paycheck. Now, if I wanted to upgrade to the Business plan, which is required for monetization, then that’s, well, a lot more money. Basically, double I’d have to save. Still, I could manage at least one plan.

Fun fact I recently discovered that I was over a month in advance on my truck payment. That’s right, I didn’t necessarily need to send out the money I had budgeted to pay my payment. And I could use that money on what I needed (like lunch to eat at work, and little things for my kid) and still be able to pay my bills, and my truck payment closer to the actual due date.

I’d been paying this thing early because one time, my second or third payment, got lost in the mail, and in order to avoid a late fee, I had to pay it online via CHECK, and they charged me an extra $25 to pay it online. That is a whole lot of nonsense. I also despise my loan company. But just like family, we don’t get to choose them, if we go to a janky dealership at the bottom of a hill to buy a truck you saw on a whim and end up getting a different truck entirely.

Okay, we seemed to have strayed from the point.

The point is that I am going to attempt to save money to keep this nonsense going. I am also going to contact WordPress and say, “Hey, my dudes. This domain name is free with purchase of a plan, right? Lemme get that discount friend.”

I’m sorry that was unnecessary to the storyline. I’m just really sleepy. Don’t you love this chaos?

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I promise, aside from the not-really-begging for donations, this is what I’m like in real life. Chaos. Chaotic Neutral? Chaotic Good? Is there a test for that? I’m sure there’s some kind of test I need to take.