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The “2nd Project Proposals” are a series of three proposals I will write and post in order for readers to help me choose what my other project to work on is in addition to PFN. Each proposal will be posted by one week before the next is released. At the end of the three weeks, a poll will be up in the Facebook Group. Members will vote on which proposal will be my second project. This is proposal 1.

The Silent Secret

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The Plot

Twenty years ago, at a lakeside celebration for the graduating seniors of Black Pine High, popular cheerleader Haley Sullivan went missing. Presumed dead the town mourned her and honored her at graduation.

Now, decades later, everyone from her friend group, including Lucy Sawyer, her childhood friend, received postcards from Black Pines, with no return address and the words “have you forgotten about Haley?”

Lucy decides to go home to Black Pines, just in time for her high school reunion, to try to unravel the mystery of what really happened to Haley.


  • Black Pines is a town I’ve had living in my mind for about five years now. There’s a whole backstory for it. If chosen I’d make a post detailing the town. I recently decided the town is located in Montana.
  • Random Generators play a part in several aspects of this story. Mostly the title and character names.
  • The whole story has been floating in my head for a couple years now and was going to be my first premium story.
  • No matter what proposal is chosen, the story will be solely available via premium. It will be posted chapter by chapter on a weekly basis. I will NOT begin posting until I’m at least several chapters in advance.
  • Premium is currently set at $10 a year. I feel that’s a reasonable amount.
  • Once the story is fully written and edited, it will be made available as either a paperback or hardcover, when I self-publish.


Voting will begin after all proposals are posted, one week after the third proposal. The poll will be on the Facebook group and will run for two weeks before I call it. (Facebook polls have no option for closing). Closing date will be indicated on in the poll.