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The “2nd Project Proposals” are a series of three proposals I will write and post in order for readers to help me choose what my other project to work in is in addition to PFN. Each proposal will be posted one week before the next is released. At the end of the three weeks, a poll will be up in the Facebook Group. Members will vote on which proposal will be my second project. This is proposal 2.

“Sisters Make the Best Accomplices”

The cover says short story but my brain says long story. Made with Canva

The Plot

Sisters Elena and Ginger Baker are nothing alike and barely get along. Elena is straight-laced, hard working, and determined succeed. Ginger is a free spirit, who prefers to keep herself open to opportunity. Which sometimes leads to trouble.

But when Ginger, through no fault of her own, gets herself into a situation she can’t get out of, Elena has to come to her rescue. And both women end up getting stuck with blood on their hands.

Will they get themselves out of the mess they made, or will they end up in bigger trouble than either imagined?


  • This idea has been flopping around in my head since about mid-pandemic.
  • These characters are nothing like real people, although I’m pretty close to my real life sister
  • I have not worked on this idea before, other than a few short paragraphs. But my brain has.
  • No matter which proposal is chosen, it will be exclusively released as Premium content. It will be posted chapter by chapter on a weekly basis. I will not be posting until I am several chapters in advance.
  • Premium is currently set at $10 a year. I think that’s reasonable.
  • Once the story is fully written and edited, it will be made available as either paperback or hardcover, when I self-publish.


Voting will begin after all proposals are posted, one week after the third proposal. The poll will be available on thr Facebook group and will run for two weeks before I call it (Facebook doesn’t currently allow you to set an end date). Closing date will be announced when the poll is posted.

Read the first proposal here!