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The “2nd Project Proposals” are a series of three proposals I will write and post in order for readers to help me choose what my other project to work on is in addition to PFN. Each proposal will be posted one week before the next is released. At the end of the three weeks, a poll will be up in the Facebook Group. Members will vote on which proposal will be my second project. This is proposal 3.

“Death Defying”

Don’t remember what this was made with but it wasn’t Canva!

The Plot

A wife and mother starts seeing a strange figure, someone who looks like a normal person but gives her an inhuman feeling, always wearing the color yellow.

Then one night there’s a terrible accident and her world is turned upside down. Instead of walking through the stages of grief she leaps right into anger, her only goal being to defy death and challenge him.

In her mind there are only two options: Bring her loved ones back to her or join them. But she will not go down without a fight.


  • I’ve had bits of this one written since 2017. It came to me during a park outing with my husband and kid.
  • It a tiny bit personal as I feel like, based on what I have written already, I’d feel the same way the main character does.
  • Like with all stories I’ve had it floating around in my noggin for a while, ideas have come and gone. However there are a few different directions I could take it in and I’d love to explore it at some point.
  • No matter which proposal is chosen it will be released exclusively as premium content only. It will be released chapter by chapter, on a weekly basis. I will not start posting it until I’ve had several chapters written and edited.
  • Premium is set at $10 a year, which I think is reasonable.
  • Once the story is written and fully edited it will be available as either paperback or hardcover, when I self-publish.


Voting will begin after all proposals are posted, one week after the third proposal. At that time there will be a poll posted on the Facebook Group which will run for two weeks. Facebook currently does not allow a end date for polls so I will call it myself. I will post announcements on the group, Facebook page, and this website.

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