• 2nd Story Poll is up and live on the group page
  • I found the names I needed to start one PFN project. There are 11 total. Those names (first names only) will be in a scheduled post. The person whose name is on that list needs to “vote” for their name if they want to be in the story as a side character/NPC. This poll/post is a scheduled and will post within The next few weeks. I honestly cannot remember the date.
  • I’m going to be finishing and posting an old incomplete story as a Halloween story. This story was started as a “choose your adventure” type story. It will be posted as a weekly story here on the blog.
  • As soon as voting as been completed I will begin working on both PFN and the Second Story.
  • Updates will be posted on thr blog, the Facebook page and group, and some in intagram and Twitter.