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Right around a year ago, I tried to start something I called “Choose Your Adventure”. You know those old books where at the end of a section it said “go to page 77 for this or page 56 for this” and it would alter the plot?

Well, I tried to do that with polls. I started with a prewritten portion of the story and there would be a poll to decide what I wrote next. It lasted about two polls before I lost my will to live write because no one was interested (probably because I was inconsistent).

Well, I decided that I needed to potentially overwhelm myself once more with a third mini project (in addition to PFN and 2nd Story). This will be my Halloween, though not super creepy, story for the month of October.

I’m thinking of it as a palate cleanser for when I’m feeling brain fried while focusing on the main events. So in an act of good faith, below you’ll find what was already written on the Choose Your Adventure Story, plus a little fresh that hadn’t been shared yet! Enjoy and keep your eyes open for the redux!