I’m officially an electrical outlet.

So, I stepped on a wall plug. Let me be clearer. I stepped on the upturned PRONGS of a plug.

I was telling my husband a story of how my store manager got my movie reference (it made my day) and was trying to put pants on, after my shower. I didn’t pay attention to where my feet were landing and I stepped on the prongs of an electric razor adapter.

They went in, maybe a millimeter. I initially thought oh it just hurt. Then I looked and there was some skin scraped off. Ok that’s not to bad. Then I looked again a mind THERE WAS BLOOD.

Listen, I’m not afraid of blood, I am a woman after all. I’m also not a wimp when it comes to pain, I’m in some kind of constant pain at all times. No biggie. So, I laughed at myself, because it’s my fault the thing was in the floor, and hobbled myself to my bedroom, after I’d grabbed the first bandages I could find: finger bandaids.

My hubs helped doctor me by finding all the first aid nonsense, including pain relief antibiotic ointment, and gauze pads from when he cut his foot. The kid gets scared of blood and wounds so she backed out. But she did come back to TAKE A PICTURE WITH HER IPAD because she wanted to show my sister. *facepalm*

The problem in all this is that I have to work tomorrow. This wouldn’t be that big a deal IF I DID NOT WORK ON MY FEET. This injury (which is two gashes) is right about where my arch would be if I had one. I’m severely flat footed.

So if it hurts to walk from my bedroom to the bathroom in squishy off brand crocs, then working in my feet for eight hours in hard “ash” New Balance with dead insoles isn’t going to be sunshine and butterflies.

But again, constant pain anyway, and I need to get something besides old gauze and bandaids to hold in on with. Might as well go to the retail establishment I work at. Besides. I’m off day after tomorrow.

I probably wasn’t going to make money off OnlyFeet anyway.