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A Poorly timed free balling NOPE spitballing session.

I got it into my head that I needed to write work on #Pretend Fantasy Novel. I’ve had bits and pieces of the first chapter stuck in my head for months. Yes, I know I’ve been “working” on it for ages, but you know me. But like a silly little dreamer I got it in my head to try and put things down.

So I randomly generated some names for some characters that were in the scene and started laying down some lines. Well, I got to a part that needed more than just a random generator.

The main plot of PFN (titles are hard) is “to prevent the world from ending a number of artifacts of some kind must be collected and taken to a predetermined location”.

See? Proof.

I have added my own spin and, hopefully no spoilers, there’s a prophecy that if “shards” of a thing are not collected and brought together, the world will end. Hold up there’s a whole post. BRB. BMB: The Prophecy. Ok I’m sorry that was a Birthday Month Blogs post where I fell asleep sitting up.

That particular version of the prophecy had a lot of placeholders. The the gist of it is:

The end of times shall be nigh with the dying of the lambs, the rotting of fruit upon the vine, and the spoiling of water in pots. 

BUT where it’s unfinished is the actual names of things. So here’s me spitballing ideas into the universe. The Prophecy continues…

Unless the Shards of the fire Crystal from the sky are brought together in The Tomb of Aryn before the setting of the sun on the final day of Harvest, the Earth shall shatter. 

Like I said freeNO spitballing. Rolling ideas around in my head to come up with something good. Now, there are a few things in both bits of the passages of the Prophecy that might need explanation.

“Shards”: I heard the word somewhere and liked it? I thought it would make a good name for a thing.

“Aryn”: despite the fact that my head keeps thinking it sounds too much like one of my boss’ name *shudders 🤮😂*, it too came from a random generator.

Proof of another thing

And it was so absolutely similar to the name of the place the novel will take place: Arynthel. That was chosen by the group members as well. It was one of multiple made up using letters from names of the people involved in the creation of PFN.

All I will say about “Aryn” is that I plan on adding Lore to the world of Artnthel, and obviously Aryn (a woman) will be part of it. Not my boss. He’s not cool like that. (In the very unlikely chance he’ll read any of this, he’d probably laugh at me lol.)

The “Fire Crystal from the Sky” I literally made up on the toilet on the spot.

Like I said, the kinks are still being worked out. I want to eventually (before publication) write the whole prophecy in poetic verse form, and make it sound cooler tbh. And I feel like my title is gonna come from the prophecy.

The next couple days are gonna be me working on the prophecy and title, and I would like to start writing in earnest in November. Possibly spend a week on PFN and a week on The Silent Secret, alternating between the two. I think I’ll keep a running weekly word found for both WIPs and post them here.

Stay tuned, fellers.