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The current block in place on the Pretend Fantasy Novel happens to be the basis of the entire thing.

That being the prophecy.

While I have the gist of the prophecy written, my brain won’t let me go any further until I get it fancied up. Like, she’s gotta sound good.

Here are a few things, off the top of my head, that I’d like to do or have in place before I feel confident in writing.

  • The Prophecy: the actual prophecy, preferably in a poetic or lyrical form. I want it to sound like it needs to be interpreted, not like it’s been translated already
  • The Background: The Who, What, When, Where, and How of it. I want to answer all the questions about it.
  • Lore: I want to write some backstory. Some lore for the world of Arynthel. This would include the prophecy and other aspects of the story.
  • Character Development: while I already have the main character (and her trusty sidekick) chosen and living rent-free in my already cluttered noggin, there are more characters to create.

Coming Eventually

In an effort to trigger my brain into manufacturing something besides absolute nonsense and depressive episodes, I began writing a bit of an “origin story”. Actually it feels kinda Frodo/Gollem possessed by the Ring-esq. But it’s helping develops ideas in my head.

I’m not promising anything (we all know how that goes) but I hope to have it finished soon. Once it is finished it will be shared for your free-to-read pleasure. I don’t want to tease the story and make anyone want more and I don’t want to leave anyone hanging with no news.

So I make no promises.

I’ve just been going through some things that are all problems I mostly blow out of proportion in my own head making it worse for everyone around me.

There’s a screw in my tire.

Also coming soon maybe: I’m gonna start doing this thing where I use a random generator to draw an object.

The first one (ignore the ads) is going to be a sunflower. I’m going to be using the art app Procreate to draw it on my iPad. I’d love to improve my artsy fartsy skills and get better at using an app I spent money on. Haven’t decided if it’ll be a video or not yet.

Wish me luck.