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I am no artist. I’m not very good at drawing. In fact I am not very good at anything. But in order to post a blog every day you must have CONTENT. So I decided to UTTERLY SHAME MYSELF IN A PUBLIC WAY!!


AnyWho, we all know that I love random generators. So on my favorite random generator site there is a button for a random drawing and so I clicked on that button. This is what I got.

And a screen recording. In case… you didn’t believe me… I guess?

Anyway I started on it tonight using Procreate, while on the phone with my dad. I found a decent reference photo and got to work.

Now I know better than to claim it’s any good. But the whole point of the thing was to practice to get better. That’s how one improves at something, I’m told.

I tried to screen record the whole process but my iPad ran out of memory. I’m gonna throw it into a video at some point. Mostly cause I paid for a year subscription of videoleap and don’t want it to go to waste.

I’m also going to leave a small message for my niece. She likes to draw, and also stalks my YouTube when she’s bored. I hope she’ll see it and challenge me 😂.

The Result

On a transparent background
A very busy background

How’d I do?

Seriously tho, I don’t need critiques I know it sucks. Lol

Anyway, posting before midnight so I get my daily post in. Goodnight