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Of course it’s Randomly Generated

If I don’t just lay around in my bed all day tomorrow I’ll EAT MY HAT.

Did I do that right?

Anyway, this is me doing the third post in a row. If we’re being technical, I cheated. I could have sworn I hit publish in yesterday’s post. But when I opened up the app, it was still in drafts. I was falling asleep when I finished it. But I cheated and gave it yesterday’s post date.

Anyway, it’s not like I work for some major news outlet that I could get in big trouble with for fudging the numbers. I’m just little old me.

But I have confidence that I can succeed at posting every single day. It just might not be quality.

Here’s what might come to you this month.

(By “this month” I mean the next 30 days or so, not by the end of November. I’m not that confident)

  • Holiday History: Thanksgiving: Yes I know I flubbed up in the Halloween one. I had it scheduled to publish, thinking I would be forced inspired to complete before publish. But I forgot about it and it auto-pub’d incomplete. I realized it when someone LIKED THE POST and I unpublished it. Like, it was poorly written, and I was mid-depressive episode, my dude! Anyway, Thanksgiving is a juicy one and I’m not referring to the Turkey!
  • Possible PFN short story: I haven’t worked on it in a week, but it’s there, in the back of my mind.
  • More drawing challenges???
  • More “flying by the seat of my pants???

To be honest I’m going keep going with my trademark ABSOLUTELY BONKERS “content” until someone forces me to stop. And even then they’ll have to drag the internet away from my clammy clutches.