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So you can share in yet another downward spiral

Because I am a glutton for punishment, I’m here for day… whatever… of seeing how many days in a row I can manage to post. Let’s review shall we?

  • 12 Posts in a row (including this one)
  • Most Views: 11 (On Grief)
  • Most Likes: 5 (A Post From JULY)
  • Yesterday’s Post Received 3 whole likes on Facebook. Absolutely no interest in anything else. One of those likes came from someone who didn’t even read it.
  • ZERO fiction posts

Downward Spiral

Once all my bills come out there will be a total of $3 in my bank account.

I still have ten days until payday. And even payday will be questionable because of bills. And I’ll have to set aside money for my kid’s birthday trip to the ice cream shop. Anyone wanna buy my kidney. I’ll give you a discount and make the ice to leave me in the bathtub.

You’ll probably wanna take the left one. Not sure the right one is good shape. But that pain could be something else.

Don’t worry, darlin’

There will be a list of people who will only know that I’ve not allowed myself to slip into the never ending void because links to new blog posts are automatically shared to my Facebook page. And I don’t have any scheduled.

No, despite the fact that I contemplated just driving off the side of the road and into the river with my Dodge Ram, I don’t plan on pulling the plug on the dumpster fire of my life quite yet.

But don’t worry, I will try to stop posting about my personal struggles for a while. Hopefully only fiction for the next few days. Not that anyone would read it.

Hey just for craps and giggles let’s see if I’ve made anything off Vocal.

hahahaHahahaHAHAHHA the $5.00 was some kind of bonus for something. 8 cents is from actual reads. And I can’t withdraw until I make, like, $25.

Well that’s depressing. I guess it would help if I had more stories there. But for some reason I have 1 whole subscriber. Well, should be called a follower. They don’t pay for my stories. Here’s the LINK if you care. Everything there is here anyway.

That’s still a LOT better than I make off of ads on this blog.

This is all time. And I can’t get that until I make $100. So never basically.

Anyway, I’m wasting my time. Oh well, I’m not worth anything else. I’m worth almost $15 an hour at my day job but I’m replaceable so.

I promise I’ll try to have some escapism fiction for tomorrows post. I need a little unreality in my life right now.