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With a surprise question for my niece.

This whole video would look better if I’d spent more time on it. And if my iPad would have stopped telling me it had no memory and stopping my screen recording!

The Drawing Challenge

I needed a creative outlet that I could feasibly do that had very little expectation, for myself and others. And because I love that random generators take some of the work out of whatever it is I’m trying to do, I pulled my favorite website up and found their “Random Things To Draw” link (go to “more”).

I wanted to use Procreate on my iPad because I knew I could screen record some of the process.

By doing the challenge I hope to improve my very poor drawing ability and my knowledge of the Procreate app. I also completed the whole thing in one sitting. So, I know it’s not gonna be great.

But here it is.

Video Edited and music added With VideoLeap

I tried to make it shorter by speeding it up.

My iPad kept ending my screen recording, so the videos are all over the place. Then I got a “memory is full” warning. I’ll have to go back and delete a lot of nonsense if I do this again.

I now know, though, to screen record in bits and pieces as opposed to the whole process. I’ve also learned to adjust and crop videos before adding text.

Should I do voiceover next time? Or just music and text? Also, last time I used app provided music, I got a warning from YouTube as someone reported my use of a song even though it was provided in the app.

We’ll see what happens!

Also, my niece will hopefully see my little message to her in the end. Lol