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Yesterday was a

Last night I intentionally got my daily blog post out a few hours early because I intended to spite-clean my kitchen. I got tired-er and ended up under my four blankets (one was heated) and got warm and toasty and sleepy. Went to bed early, thinking, “when they leave I’ll just clean all day.”

Well, in the middle of the night I started getting dripped on the head again (I need a new roof) and had a hard time going back to sleep. Woke up about five minutes before Spouse came to tell me it was time to get The Kid up. Had a headache from not resting well, so I had some apple sauce (left over from her medicine) and some ibuprofen and went back to sleep for two hours.

Woke back up with a slightly eased headache, made some food (toast with cream cheese is my current quickie meal). Eventually I got up and got started in the kitchen. SOMEONE had filled the last little bit of dish soap (Dawn is the superior soap, fight me) and ruined it. So I had to use some backup soap.

Now, there was an amount of dirty dishes that I’m not comfortable with discussing so I had to ask Spouse, against my will, if he could pick some up. I continued on, all while watching “The Mummy”.

Absolutely the best movie. We do not acknowledge any attempts to tarnish the legacy this man helped to create.

I worked up until it was time to retrieve The Kid from school. While I waited in Parent Pickup, I worked on the next Drawing Challenge.

The Niece chose the duck.

I am not going to be very good at this one, I feel it in my bones. But I’m going to try, and it’s gonna take more than one sitting too. I think I’ll be better at it.

Also, there is a creator on tiktok who has entered into a national duck stamp competition multiple years and honestly this year’s saga was absolutely enthralling. I don’t expect to nor do I plan to be anywhere near this person’s level. Besides this person HAND PAINTS danged MASTERPIECES.

Anyway after picking up The Kid, we came and she was an absolute dream this evening. We got her homework done, although I have learned my lesson about allowing a short break between. But I’ve said that before 🤷‍♀️.

I continued my business with the kitchen and she played and did her “The Kid” things. Soon Spouse arrived with her some candy, himself some candy, and me some dish soap, kitchen gloves, and sponges. How thoughtful to bring me the things I asked for. To clean up the messes we all made.

I’ll be sure to reimburse Spouse for the items and the trouble. Don’t want him to go without.

You know, I already knew this but it sometimes still takes me by surprise that I could literally say just about anything in this platform and none of the people I know in real life would have any idea. It’s always 3-6 strangers on a daily basis, and these strangers are usually always different, that observe the existence of these posts.

And also, all the people I know in real life there might be one or two who actually pay enough attention to literally anything to notice that I disappeared from FB.

“I miss your posts!” Or “Where’d you go?” My friend I told you where I went, and my dear it’s been almost a whole flippin’ year! It’s always “I miss you” when you’re face to face, not “hey, I haven’t seen Crystal’s posts here in a few days, I should message her and see if she lives.”

I do not exist to entertain you with silliness, I do not maintain social media so you can watch my child grow up through pictures like a creeper hiding behind a tree in the local park. I am not a comedian on a stage waiting for a heckling.

I am BARELY a writer. I throw nonsense down into a content block on a blog post, thumbs typing furiously away on a glowing phone screen at 11 o’clock at night. I struggle to come up with ideas that consistently fail to gain any traction, only to share with complete strangers.

Those complete strangers likely know more about me than many of my so-called Facebook friends who see me while I’m working and spare a glance in my general direction.

Yes, I’m a little bitter. A little more bitter than I normally am, but by Bob, it’s been a rough couple of days. I am human and I am entitled to a little bit of bitterness. So long as my bitterness doesn’t sour the mouths of others or cause singing wounds that never heal or, let’s be blunt, so long as it doesn’t physically harm myself or others, I am fully entitled to my mood.

There are no laws that say I must feel one way or another, so far as I know, no laws have yet been past saying a woman must feel a certain way, and so long as I keep it crammed into a blog post no one really reads my feelings are safe with me.

But one thing I do know with 100% certainty? That once I stop mid paragraph, close my eyes and tilt my head to the side “just to rest my eyes” it means, beyond a shadow I’d a doubt, that I’m entirely too sleepy for my own nonsense. I am nine minutes past mg bedtime, dear readers. And that’s entirely too far.