In case you don’t know, Arynthel is the land/world in which Pretend Fantasy Novel takes place. Don’t ask too many questions about it as it is still not “move-in ready” one might say.

I’ve been putting off working on anything #pfn related for so long, simply because my mind has turned it into this epic fantasy story of greatness and I fear deep in my heart that it’ll be TERRIBLE.

I would saw off my own left foot for the ability to get at it asap. But sadly life factors have prevented that. But it’s still in my head. Don’t worry about that.


Since Black Friday: A Zombie Story I have been leery of putting real people in my stories. This is simply because, once they read themselves or someone reads someone they know in a story, they want more. Either more of themselves or more of people they know or more opportunities for them to be in a story.

I currently have half a department at RETAIL ESTABLISHMENT asking, “Hey, Crystal. When are you writing BF2?!”

My dude, you haven’t even read it!

Give it up, friends, it’s not happening, at least not for a while

Enter Myths and Legends

In my desire to work on this Epic Amazing Fantastic Not So Pretend Pretend Fantasy Novel, I have created inside my mind a terrible storm. One person gets me rolling talking about the One Novel To Rule Them All and I can’t stop.

In my current department, I work in close proximity with dudes. I have recently discovered it’s simply a case of women being a threat to the delicate balance of power. But I digress.

I have told these dudes (three at least), that I’m going to write their brutal deaths at the hands (or fins or claws or webbed foot) of normal creatures with exceptional skill.

And you know how in stories or movies or even cartoons there’s always these, “did you hear about the guy?” Or “legend says that…” or “this one time at band camp…” wait no not that.

Something like the stories characters tell around campfires and dinner tables in a tavern or scary stories or bedtime tales they tell children.

And these guys’ made up murders will be handled in the kindest of ways, I will not (intentionally) do thin dirty or make them look bad, it’s all fiction of course. But they also won’t be main characters or significant pieces of the puzzle that is Arynthel or the PFN.

They will be merely blips in the universe. Perhaps they’ll be in the actual meat of the story. Or the companion encyclopedia of information created in order to create the PFN. That’s probably gonna be longer than the actual story tho so.

So far we have

  • T & The Bear
  • B & The Fish
  • J & The Frogs (yes frogs)

Other Deets

I probably won’t make these paid or premium. I’m not going to gate keep these for just the Artlynthel Few, but if I do write them they will first be shared with the subjects of the stories.

If you’re interested just jointng me in this little adventure, please stick around. There is room for everyone in this rickety old boat. Wait I feel like that came out weird.

Anyway, I’m starting to nod off. Time for sleeps. Goodnight!

I legit fell asleep this time. Luckily I still had time to finish and post this before midnight.