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…I don’t know what to write but if I don’t do it soon I’m going to fall asleep and break my streak

I would rather never own a pet.

While pets can be good for your mental health and your heart, I think I would rather miss out on that experience than go without a mode of transportation.

I currently have two dogs and a cat. Pepper is out outside dog, who actually has full reign of the garage, Lucy is our annoying little indoor-outdoor dog, and Mo is the overweight fatso that likes to scale my mountain of furniture in order to knock odd and break things.

I’ve had more pets than just these three. I’ve had fish, I’ve had multiple cats, other dogs. I love them all. Okay, I tolerate Lucy. Mo is still grounded.

Pepper is a perfect old angel and I will not hear otherwise.

My point is, while my life has been enriched and improved by having pets, I also know how good it feels being able to go when I choose.

That’s not me saying I like to go. I prefer to stay firmly and anti-socially right at home, especially in a reclining position. But should I need to go, well, I am able to do so.

A little more than eight years ago I finally, after much effort, passed my driver’s licensing test. I was almost 30. The only reason it got pushed forward was because my In Laws wanted to move away. Why did this affect my driving? Because they, typically my father-in-law, drove me to work in the evenings. My husband worked so it was up to them to take me to work.

I didn’t go anywhere on my days off unless it was on a weekend. But once I got my license, I was able to do one very important thing: go see my parents and other family whenever I wanted.

Now if we’re getting technical here, I didn’t “own” a car until recently, and I’m generalizing here to include car to mean any automotive transportation. The first vehicle I ever drove regularly was a hand me down Chevy Cobalt from my husband. Now I currently own the literal largest regret of my life. A Dodge Ram.

So, yes. Transportation of unconditional love of a pet lol.