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Thought I’d share with you a list of some of my favorite things. From skin care to stationary to food and beverages.

Food and Beverage

Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale

If Canada Dry made this stuff year round and made it available everywhere you can get carbonated beverages, I might have a replacement for Pepsi. I have already purchased four 2 liters of this stuff.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Yes, another seasonal favorite. I live in America, we’re we can’t be certain that our residents are t smart enough to swallow a toy (think kinder eggs). But then again, the tide pod thing started with the states, right?

Anyway, I have never seen Terry’s Chocolate Oranges near me unless it’s been Christmas, and once at Easter, but that was, like, a decade ago! I’d seriously be in trouble if the were around all the time.

I love these things so much that they are mentioned by name in Black Friday: A Zombie Story.

I’ve only purchased eight this year. Thank the lord I share. The Kid loves them too.

Health and Beauty

Equate Foaming Facial Cleanser

Did you know that 90% of off brand items are the exact same ingredients as their name brand counterparts? This Equate face wash is the same as the CeraVe Foaming Face Wash. Name brand is $12 at Walmart right now. Equate version is $5.97!

I’ve used this for years now, and I will say I’ve gotten compliments, mostly old ladies, that my skin looks amazing. Lol

Vera Wang Princess Perfume

My absolute favorite perfume. I don’t know if it was the shape of the bottle or a Seventeen Magazine sample page that drew me too it, but I wanted a bottle of it for years. I never had the funds or the access to obtain it. But way back in 2008, on my honeymoon in Gatlinburg Tennessee, we found a perfume outlet and there she was, in a gift set with lotion, body wash, roll on and travel bag.

I have owned three whole bottles of it over the years. The sweet melting scent is described as floral, most floral scents give me a migraine. This one gives of a sweet light scent to me, with some citrus and powdery notes. It’s a light scent that puts me in the mid of cupcakes.

Stationary and Crafts

Pen+Gear 5 Subject 6×8 notebooks

I have three of these notebooks. Black, teal, purple. The purple has grease stains from my lip balm making days (coconut oil and shea butter). They all have sections dedicated to writing, budgeting, and journaling. I have three mostly because I keep misplacing them, but also because I just love these notebooks.

They’re small enough to carry with you, the wire binding is big enough to shove a pencil and ink pen in, they have durable covers, perforated pages (even though I don’t like tearing pages out), and five sections, with a pocket in the first divider.

I’m currently trying to keep all my WIP notes in them, though sometimes they get misplaced. It’s unintentional I’m just forgetful and clumsy.

Home Goods

Primo Water Dispenser

This is the best $200 purchase I’ve ever made. It was purchased on a whim but also I’d been considering it. When I had some extra cash lying around I decided, ok I’m going for it. It just so happened to be on sale!

This bad boy does hot and cold. And the hot is hat enough for me to use to cook The Kid’s noodles (the ones in the foam cup) without using the microwave. We just fill the cup with hot water and let it “marinate”. The cold is cold enough to not need ice if you don’t want it.

Dawn Dish Washing Soap

I have yet to find a soap that makes me feel like my dishes are getting clean. The suds hold up for long periods, it’s not completely outrageous, and it’s eBay my mom always used. I guess you can say I’m indoctrinated to using it.

Also look at the baby duck! They use it in oil spill clean up!

Honorable Mentions

  • Apple Pencil (first gen)
  • Air Pods Pro
  • Good writing tools.
  • WiFi bulbs controlled by an app

Turns out there aren’t that many things I use every day besides my phone. But these are some of my favorite items that either make my life easier or more pleasant.

For now, though, I’m falling asleep between paragraphs. So, I’ll say goodnight!