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If you recall, I recently began a self-created drawing challenge. The first challenge was a sunflower and I wanted to commemorate it by creating a sticker. Not that I have the means to do so, but I have Google and the Toky Tokys.

So, after multiple days and several hours of trying, hundreds of views for various YouTube and TT creators videos on the subject, I finally figured out how to MAKE THE WHITE BORDER AROUND AN IMAGE.

This is it. This is the sticker. Sans Greenish background of course.

Now, I haven’t got the materials yet to make this a physical reality, but I rode the high of figuring it out a long time. Until I went hunting for my checkbook to pay a bill and couldn’t find it.

But I still feel good about it.

Eventually I’m going to have the material and attempt to print and cut the stickers out. I plan on selling the about 3 inch by 3 inch stickers for $2. Not that anyone will buy them but I’m 100% gonna slap one on my truck with my “Hi, Robin!” sticker.

And I plan on continuing the Drawing Challenge. I’ve got a duck I just finished, and a video to come plate for that. Yes the duck is going to have its one phrase too.


Anyway, The Kid conned her way into my bed, so I’m not getting much sleep, so I’d better get in that!