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Apps and Devices

This is a list of the things I currently use most frequently on this misguided and pointless journey to doing something amazing.

Procreate for iPad

Precreate is a paid app on the Apple App Store for digital art. It’s a non-subscription price of $12.99 I’ve made all sorts of art with it. I am currently obsessed with making poorly drawn stickers. Mostly because it took me forever to figure out how to get the white outline without hand drawing the whole thing.

You can download new brushes and textures for use in your app, and create your own. And since it is a widely used app, there are a million tutorials all over the internet for anything you might not be able to do.

VideoLeap for iPad

VideoLeap is a video editing app for iPad. It is subscription based, and I pay $35.99 a year. if you’ve ever used iMovie, it’s fairly easy to lean but with a ton more features. It also has its own section of music and images to add into your videos!

I’ve created multiple videos and posted one, the first drawing challenge, to YouTube. It’s only gotten, like, ten views but that’s only cause I’m unpopular.


Honestly it’s been a hot minute since I’ve used Canva, which is a free app, but if you pay for a subscription (monthly or yearly) you get way more features. I’ve created digital book covers, intro videos, featured images for blog posts, and covers for my podcasts

Even if I haven’t used it in a while its another subscription I don’t plan on letting go of for a while.

Apple Pencil

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit there are MUCH cheaper pen style stylus’ that work perfectly well with iPad, and also that I grief purchased this and my current iPad not long after my mom passed, but I don’t think I could go back or give up this bad boy now.

While the weight of it isn’t like a regular pen, and I purchased silicone tips because I didn’t love the TAPTAP of it on the screen, it really does make life easier when you need precision to do something, like drawing or video editing.

Honorable Mentions

  • Any kind of jump drive/flash drive that can connect to an apple device: I own two speedster flash drives with Apple connections. They make transferring of data—images, videos, documents—between devices and/or computers a cakewalk. Especially handy when emailing it to yourself seems cumbersome.
  • PopWallet+ MagSafe: these have nothing to do with work or productivity, but I have been an avid and adamant pop socket user for years. And I ordered a popwallet with interchangeable popsocket for myself last year and it became invaluable. But I recently obtained a new iPhone with MagSafe I didn’t want to lose my wireless charging capabilities with a stick on wallet anchor, so I risked my funds and purchased a MagSafe wallet, and case (case not pop wallet brand) and it’s absolutely perfect. The magnet is strong enough to hold and I have my cards where I need them, without any issues with the magnet.

This has been yet another quickie post. It is the holidays after all and I can’t be bothered with being productive before 11pm!

Coming soon: Drawing Challenge No. 2: The Video, Fiction Friday (still haven’t figured out what fiction), and my Year in Review (picture, if you will, a dumpster fire…).